BhutanWifi Features

Control your Internet usage. Cut down your internet bill!

Is your internet bill going through the roof because you cannot control the usage by your customers?
With Bhutan Wifi, you can set flexible limits per customer. The limits can be based on data transfer(downloads/uploads) or time(time that a customer can use the Internet for).
You can even set speed limits for the customer's connection (Setting speed limits will prevent one or few customers from using up all your bandwidth/speed resulting in a sub-par experience for other users on the same network)
All these limits and restrictions can be used to provide your customers with a better internet experience and also save you costs on your internet bill.

Secure and Reliable

No more giving away your WiFi password to your customers.
You can create accounts with username/passwords for each customer/user. These accounts will become invalid after an Expiry Time, or when the limit on the account has been reached. All expiry times and limits can be set by you from your hotspot control center.

Brandable Interface for your users

You can have your own logo and message/content on the user login page making your wifi hotspot more personalized.

Easy setup & installation. No expensive equipment required

Bhutan Wifi's Hotspot solution is designed to provide you with a robust wireless hotspot solution without the need for expensive equipments.
The only additional equipment you need is a BhutanWifi router (which costs a little more than regular wireless routers). Setup and installation of your network will be done by us and you will be delivered a working hotspot solution under two hours.

Easy to use software

You will be provided access to our feature-rich web application which will act as your hotspot control center. From the control center, you will be able to:
- Manage customers (Add/Edit/Suspend)
- View internet usage statistics (Per customer, total daily usage, monthly usage, etc.)
- Manage connection settings (Bandwidth throttling, Time limits, etc.)

Excellent support

BhutanWifi hotspot solution is developed in Bhutan by Bhutanese. It's safe to say that we know our system inside out.
So, if things break or if you are stuck with something, you can be assured that we will help you solve your problems within no time.

Affordable Pricing

You no longer need to rob a bank to setup a hotspot solution at your location. Our setup and recurring costs are more than affordable.
When used properly, the big savings you get on your monthly internet bill will more than cover for BhutanWifi's hotspot solution fees.
For more details, check out our pricing plans.